Spartina 449: Pajama Top Paige Gemmel Staffordshire Dogs
$ 68.00
Spartina 449: Pajama Short Paige Gemmel Staffordshire Dogs
$ 58.00
Spartina 449: Travel Pouch Tennis Navy
$ 29.00
Spartina 449: Pink Travel Pouch Tennis Racket
$ 29.00
Spartina 449: Florida Clear Beach Wristlet
$ 54.00
Spartina 449: Embroidered Pillow Florida
$ 78.00
Spartina 449: Florida Beach Towel
$ 56.00
Spartina 449: Florida Tea Towel
$ 18.00
Spartina 449: Clear Drink Tumbler Florida
$ 16.00
Spartina 449: Sea La Vie Have Faith Stud Earrings
$ 36.00
Spartina 449: Sea La Vie Stud Earrings Just Bee-cause/Little Bee
$ 38.00
Spartina 449: South Beach Stretch Bracelet 6mm Sea Foam
$ 54.00
Spartina 449: Shelter Cove Stretch Bracelet 6mm- Gold
$ 62.00
Spartina 449: Freeport Stretch Bracelet 5mm- Gold
$ 54.00
Spartina 449: Port Royal Stretch Bracelet 4mm Gold
$ 54.00
Spartina 449: May River Bracelet- Gold
$ 42.00
Spartina 449: Mermazing Stretch Bracelet- Gold
$ 54.00
Spartina 449: Coligny Beach Bracelet 7.75"- Gold
$ 48.00

Inspired by one of the few remaining unspoiled treasures, Daufuskie Island, South Carolina, Spartina 449 embodies the true beauty and spirit of Island Living. 
Our mermaid is inspired by the tales of sailors, who after nights of indulging in island spirits, gazed into the moonlight ocean and were convinced they saw mermaids swimming nearby.
The company began in 2009 as an inspirational idea by company founder and owner, Kay Stanley, while living at her original seaside cottage on the small island of Daufuskie. A bridge-less island, Daufuskie is located just one nautical mile from world-famous Hilton Head Island and is known for its eclectic charm, natural beauty and unique history. Stanley imagined a linen and leather handbag collection that honored the island's unique heritage, boasting colorful patterns and timeless stories.